At OLM, we have on our team native language speakers from around the world. Some are freelancers and some are full time working on regular projects.

We found that many Danes, Dutch, Germans and French have extra time to work on translation projects for clients who needs fast, precise and affordable translation services. 

We translate to and from Danish, Dutch, German and French languages. 

Morten Carstensen, our fearless CEO, used to work a freelance translator from English to Danish for years and knows how it is to work with clients in different countries. He still handles the QC and general business development of the translation services himself. 

We work with translation service companies as an outsourcing arm as well as direct with companies who need help with urgent projects. Among our clients are Disney (Talespin cartoon), Amazon Prime (AI project), Change Group in Denmark (CV translations) as well as FOREX translations for a South African company. 

We like the challenge of a large project as well as the comfort and speed of a smaller one. 

We can also provide female Danish audio voice-over upon request.