Tips for Candidates

Some Pointers, On Us

Jobhunting? Here are some tips

If you are an active candidate it is always good to start out updating your Linkedin profile. Add the section where it says recruiters can find you and you will be receiving offers in no time. 

Make sure you have an updated CV on hand that you can send upon request. 

CV's should not be too long as HR Managers are busy, keep it short and sweet. Add your language, IT skills and other information on the employer. Add links if you have to. 

Moving forward

Remember That Any Progress Is Good Progress

Even confident people stay in unsatisfying jobs because they feel safe, and because they're afraid of making a bad decision.  But in the quest to uncover a source of meaningful work, though, your worst enemy is inertia. Make an effort to do one thing -- like emailing a networking contact or attending an event -- that moves you a bit closer to your big-picture goal. 

Start Early

Twenty- and thirty-somethings have more flexibility when it comes to test-driving different careers. The process of self-discovery is much easier when you're unencumbered by family responsibilities and substantial financial burdens, and when you haven't yet reached a level in a career where it's tougher to turn back. That said, it's never too late to pursue your passion. More and more Baby Boomers are leaving the world of traditional employment for alternative career paths that will fulfill them well into retirement age.

Have Realistic Expectations 

Even if you're lucky enough to hold your dream job, there's no such thing as the perfect work situation. Every job has its ups and downs, and aspects we love and aspects we don't love. And "dream job" doesn't mean "cushy job." As your mom always told you, anything worth having in this world requires some effort. There will be some days you feel like shutting the alarm off and going back to sleep, but many more where you feel more energized by the prospect of work than you ever thought possible.

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