The OLM Team

At OLM we have a lengthy training period and only work with the best. 
The recruiters are out there every day representing our company so it is important that they are made of the right stuff. 
OLM is a firm believer in developing career growth from within. Our recruiters undergo continuous training internally and through online tutorials such as Linkedin Talent Connect, Udemy and instructional videos from our clients. 
As we work with clients from different countries and cultures it enables our recruiters to evolve daily.

Management Team


Morten Carstensen


Morten is the founder of OLM Business Solutions and OLM Marketing. He oversees all the sourcing daily and also recruits high profile candidates himself. 

He has 25 years of work experience across various industries. An entrepreneur at heart and always there for the clients, day or night. 


Celestina Lumdang

Talent Recruiter

Tina has been with OLM for 3 years and is a Linkedin specialist and recruiter.
She is our go-to gal for all Linkedin booleans and specialized profiles.
She is currently sourcing roles for Germany and Japan.


Vabeth Poncia

Talent Recruiter

Vabeth is a sourcing specialist for our US jobs. She sources candidates for Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical and various IT roles throughout Germany. Her dedication and trademark happy emoji's are matched by only a few.