Ask Us Anything

I do well on my own, why should I hire you guys?

If you would like to grow with more clients and only have a small team (or alone) then OLM is the solution. We work on a per placement fee and deliver results fast. Expand and double your capacity today without spending anything. Just makes sense.

How are you different from other agencies?

First of all - we are a cheap way for an agency to grow. Instead of hiring recruiters you can rely on OLM to source and get the job done. We work on a No Hire No Cure basis so it is in our interest to push for qualified CV's every day. 
You will see CV's trickle into your email in a day or two.

How can I hire your services?

Contact Morten Carstensen today and get a Sourcing Contract in place. 

OLM will issue a contract to the recruitment agency that stipulates terms and fees agreed upon. We receive you JD and start work right away. 

What Industries do you work in?

We deal with candidates across almost any industry. Our specialty lies with pharma, IT, Agri, Chemical, Automotive, Real Estate, Marketing and Advertising. 

See our open jobs here

What kind of roles are you best at sourcing?

Being Linkedin experts we can handle any senior to owner position, anywhere in any industry. 
For some jobs in the service industry we move out and work on indeed and Xing but depends on location and salary range.

What do you need from us to get started?

We normally ask for the Job Description as it was given from the client. 
Then we ask for 'recruiter notes' which are only for our internal notes which might be a cap on salary, preferred work authorizations and language skills. 
Once all information has been received we get to work right away.